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Barbara Kwateng passed away in Brussels on 9th August 2005, briefly after being diagnosed with the Lupus disease at the age of 28. Due to a lack of general knowledge of the disease, Barbara was unaware of the symptoms associated with Lupus. It was for this reason that her family and friends have set up the BARBARA KWATENG LUPUS TRUST. This trust aims to raise awareness and support research into the causes and effects of Lupus. This is an illness that predominantly affects young women between ages 15 and 45. The Barbara Kwateng Lupus trust aims to help all those affected by this disease.


Our mission is to raise awareness of Lupus and support research into the causes, treatment and cure of Lupus, with a view to providing solutions that effect change.


  1. To offer support and understanding to the emotional and physical well being of people with Lupus.
  2. To give effective service to those seeking our services.
  3. To preserve the privacy, opinions and personal feelings of the persons suffering from Lupus and to safeguard their confidence.
  4. To maintain close contact with other organisations working for the benefit of people with Lupus; both in terms of obtaining resources and assisting with research.
  5. To re-affirm, in all our dealings, our commitment to help people with Lupus to succeed and survive Lupus through research and awareness.
  6. To raise awareness and help Lupus sufferers in Africa.

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