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We hope you do find this website a tremendous help whether you are searching for help for yourself or for a loved one. Lupus can be a frightening disease and its course rather uncertain.

It is natural for anyone who had just learnt about the diagnosis to feel rather scared but there is more to having this disease than these feelings. Support and understanding are very important to the emotional and physical wellbeing of those suffering or living with Lupus

There is a huge amount of information on Lupus on the web, in libraries and through your doctors. Don’t be discouraged. Being well educated on Lupus is the best tool you can have to address life’s issues.

BKLT aims to provide and recommend the most proven, current and trusted information on new research, successful and experimental treatments, new and existing Lupus organizations, tools for leading a healthy lifestyle and more. This information is presented in a clear and simple way so you can easily locate what’s most important to you.

Currently many people do not know what Lupus is. Please pass on this information to your family and network of friends so that they are also aware of Lupus. So much help and assistance is required and periodically, we organise events including sponsorship and other fundraising activities. You are welcome to take part in these activities which will be featured in our events webpage.


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